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Reasons to Shift to Indie Gaming



If you're a gamer who has grown tired of the same stuff, there's something that can pump up your adrenaline all over again - indie games! These are like any other video games, except that they focus more on you as a player.


First off, indie games have no fixed plots. Yes, you handle the problem the way you think you should. Fixed plots are hardly as fun.


However, you're still not a god. This is so because indie games from are created to be as close to reality as possible, and different gamers have different capabilities. That means you get opportunities to do whatever you want to do, and then pay the price or reap the rewards, depending on how you did.


Indie games also make you want to play longer. You'll feel as though the game is about to end, but the climax hasn't even begun yet. That's because these games move very fast. You'll always feel like there's only one more thing to do, and in between these points, the intervals are tight. Talk about gripping!


When games are repetitive, they become boring or less challenging. These are nearly impossible with indie games which are always expandable.  By this, we mean you can add your own ideas because the plots themselves are versatile. This comes in handy for those who are so done with the monotonous gaps that other games are known for having.


Indie games from this blog are also highly interactive, having multiplayer capabilities.  The games don't only develop competitiveness but also cooperation. Those who said that video games are unsocial are clearly wrong!


And there are great rewards for victory. The games are highly dynamic - no need to restart if you did great. Things are unpredictable but you have every opportunity to win. No game overs!


What's good is that as you play more often, your skills improve as well. That means the games are not only for experts but also for the newbies. They can totally engage your attention and make you feel as though you were the game. Only indie games have this ability.


Finally, indie games are very real - as if the above are not enough to make the point. That makes the games beyond fantasy, which is what indie games are all about. They are driven by your imagination and decisions. They are you and they are your world. You can find out more about this at